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My name is Joe Tomoleoni and I am a nature and wildlife photographer. I have a genuine love of wild animals, wild lands, and wild places. It is my passion for the conservation of wild animals and ecosystems that led me to my career as a marine biologist. I currently live in Central California where I work as a sea otter biologist.


I shoot with variety of  Canon DSLRs and mostly Canon lenses from fisheye to long telephotos. Underwater I use Ikelite housings and strobes. I shoot on a tripod whenever possible and I use an assortment of filters to obtain realistic and sometimes artistic exposures.


My photography career started underwater and blossomed to include terrestrial animals and landscapes. My travels have led me to some amazing places including Alaska, Hawaii, Fiji, The Galapagos, The Bahamas, New Zealand, Indonesia, Costa Rica, the Andes Mountains, and the Amazon Rainforest.   During these travels, I've encountered jaw dropping vistas and stunning animals. The images on this website are posted here so that you can come along on my adventures. When you view a picture of a grizzly bear staring down the barrel of my lens, hopefully you will get the same rush of excitement that I got while I was taking the picture.

Every animal and landscape pictured on this website was photographed in the wild. Each gallery (and most of the pictures) come with detailed descriptions of the subject matter. So enjoy the photography, but please take the time to read the descriptions and captions. They are ripe with interesting facts about various places and animals pictured. It is my hope that you will leave this website with a better understanding and appreciation for the wild animals that live among us. So come back often and join me in my travels to the corners of the globe. But most of all, I implore you to be a good steward of our oceans, mountains, forests, deserts, and other wild lands. In our lifetime, hundreds of species will disappear from this earth, some before we've ever really gotten the chance to study them. By being conservation minded and living healthy, sustainable lifestyles, we can do our best to ensure that the wild animals that capture our hearts and minds today will still be around tomorrow.

For regularly updated images, you can follow Eco Exposure Photography on Instagram and Facebook @ecoexposurephotography. 


If you are interested in purchasing high quality fine art prints, please inquire via email at ecoexposurephotography@gmail.com

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